The New EP, on Vinyl for El Toro Records Spain is Out NOW

Attention! Fans of honky tonk country, Western Swing and just plain hot hillbilly jive! Look no further for the kind of music that moves you than Rockin’ Bonnie & Western Bound Combo’s maiden vinyl voyage – right here! From tracks 1 to 4, it shows a true love and understanding of an American music form that’s often overlooked even in its native country. Rockin’ Bonnie & Max handle the singin’ chores as if the ghosts of Tommy Collins & Carolina Cotton were right there in the studio and Mat, Serge, Manuel, Bobby, Max and Jerry back the whole thing up like a modern version of Pee Wee King’s Golden West Cowboys! They’re writing their own tunes (Once More, Loud & Proud) and covering real, hard-country greats like Tibby Edwards and Red Sovine with such flair that you’d never know this record – and the band – comes from a *little bit* east of Texas (that’s a joke, son)! Perfect for your next BBQ, Bop or Barn-raisin’ — drop the needle and see for yourself. Your ears will thank you! Dave Stuckey

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Loud and Proud by El Toro

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Loud and Proud by El Toro